Here at P&V, we’ve been working hard so you can enjoy our COVID-19 compliant workspace – do you need an office to share with colleagues, a safe place to meet individual clients or just a desk space to work from?  We are here in Barnsley town centre to help you work as safely as possible.  With desk space starting from as little as £10 per person per day,  contact us to see how we can help you!                  

However you envisage your new way of working to be, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements!

Grapevine Presents… Wine Tasting at P&V Business

On Friday the 13th of March 2020, Grapevine are hosted an exciting evening of Wine Tasting here at P&V Business.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Virtual Office 

  • Keep Your Home Address Private

Do you run your business from home? Perhaps you run a mobile catering service, a cleaning service, or maybe you are a drop shipper? No matter the business you run, you deserve to have privacy in your own home. With Virtual Office, you will get not only well deserved privacy – you can use a business address on your business cards, e-commerce or personal websites, and you can even have your mail sent here for us to sort for you. This will keep your home life and business life completely separate, without having to pay for an office.

  •  Staff Manned Office 

Our offices are continuously manned in normal working hours (Monday-Friday 9-5). If you have an important letter, or something that needs to be signed for, you will never miss the delivery while you are out with clients. Our staff will then contact you about the letter and then contact you and post it to you at your earliest convenience. (Please Note – If you have had a parcel delivered, this will need to be collected.)

  • Confidence In Your Business

Would you ever purchase from a business that didn’t have an address, or a contact number for that matter? Customers want to be able to have confidence in the business they’re interacting with, and with a business address, you will have the confidence in your business that customers need.

  • A Permanent Address 

A permanent position can save you time and money. Maybe you need to travel for your business, whether that be a mobile business or maybe you need to travel long distances. A Virtual Office gives you the option to travel for your company, move house or rent a new home without having to change your business address. It eliminates hassle that you don’t need when you already have other things to do!

  • Professional Address

Perhaps your registered business address looks like a residential address, or maybe an industrial warehouse. Maybe you want it to look a little more professional. Our business can do just that, giving customers the option to look up your address and see a business address. You can use our business images on your websites, including images of our offices. If anybody comes to our address looking for you, we will simply say ‘I’m sorry, they aren’t here right now!’ then contact you with the information we have taken.

If this sounds like something your business needs, take a look at our Virtual Office page.

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